•   Tuesday, 28 Mar, 2023
Bangladesh Cricket

Bangladesh Cricket: India Lose To Bangladesh After 7 Years

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The first one-day international between India and Bangladesh saw many highs and lows, but in the end, it turned out to be one of the most memorable matches in Bangladesh cricket history.When all of India's leading batsmen met Pauline, the last remaining pair, and Indian Bolan dominated Bangladesh, almost all cricket pundits predicted that India would win by 51 runs.It was accepted that India would win.In this, Mehdi Hasan Mirza stood out like a star and stole the victory from India.

Deepak Chahane raised India's hopes from the very first ball, despite the fact that India had only scored 186 runs in the first game and it was difficult to defend.

After that, Muhammad Siraj secured the Indian team's return to the match by taking three wickets in the middle overs.The Bangladesh team had scored 136 runs in the 40th over, well ahead of the target of 187 runs, but nine of its players had left the pavilion.

Mehdi Hasan, an all-rounder, and Bangladesh's veteran bowler Mustafizur Rahman were both present at the crease.India appeared to have Bangladesh under control at this point, but Mehdi Hasan struck two sixes off Kuldeep Sen in the very next over.