•   Tuesday, 28 Mar, 2023
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Foolproof Security Arrangements Made For Christmas

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The DC while cutting Christmas cake in his office here on Saturday welcomed the Christian staff of his office and said that the Christian people group was assuming a significant part in public advancement and thriving and their administrations couldn't be overlooked by any means. He said that the district administration had taken a lot of steps to make Christmas celebrations safe and to help the Christian community as much as possible.

In this regard, in addition to beefing up the security of the churches and ensuring that the areas around them were cleaned, special Christmas bazaars were also set up in various parts of the district.

* He also requested that the Christian community observe Christmas with discipline, responsibility, and a sense of safety. * The DC also gave Rs. 2000 to each of the 17 Christian DC Complex employees at this time.

Additional Deputy Commissioners Dr. Saman Abbas, Kashif Raza Awan, Faisal Sultan, DD Development Rana Tahir, *Incharge District Emergency Operational Center (DEOC) Muhammad Sadiq, Group Director MTM Nasir Zia, and others were also present.

What is foolproof security?

Planned to be impenetrable to human inadequacy, mistake, or abuse: a detonator with no flaws; an unbreakable safety lock.