•   Tuesday, 28 Mar, 2023
Imran khan controversial

Imran Khan, Pakistan's former PM, is embroiled in the "sex call" controversy, and the PTI labels the audio clip fake.

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A leaked audio clip that purports to show Imran Khan having an intimate conversation with a woman has sparked a significant controversy. These audio clips were made public by Pakistani journalist Syed Ali Haider just a few months before the country's general elections. Other sources say that the audio came from Pakistan's Prime Minister's Office.

 The audio snippets that have gone viral are the most recent in a series of audio clips that have allegedly been leaked since Imran Khan's resignation earlier this year.

Imran Khan's party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), has called the audio tape fake and said that the government uses fake audio and video to target its opponents.

"The adversaries of the PTI executive can't consider past producing fake sounds and recordings," PTI pioneer Arsalan Khalid expressed.

In an audio recording that purports to be of a conversation between a woman and cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan, the man can be heard making sexist remarks and insisting on meeting her.

The male voice can be heard saying, "I'll see if it's possible because my family and children are coming... I'll try, but their visit will be delayed... I'll tell you tomorrow..." Despite the fact that the voice in the audio samples has not been confirmed to be that of Imran Khan, the former Pakistani Prime Minister has already begun to receive criticism on social media.

Naila Inayat, a journalist and South Asian correspondent, tweeted, "In the purported sex call leak, Imran Khan has become Emraan Hashmi."