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India: Principal suspended for teaching poem 'Lib

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In the Bareilly district of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, a case has been filed against a government school principal and a teacher for reciting the poem "Lib Pe Aati Hai Dua" during the morning assembly.

The education department has ordered an investigation into a "shiksha matr," or semi-teacher Waziruddin, and suspended the school's principal, Naheed Siddiqui.

After a video of him reading a poem in front of the assembly went viral, the case has been brought on the grounds that it "hurt religious sentiments."

The complaint of Sompal Singh Rathore, a local activist for the Hindu conservative organization "Vishu Hindu Parishad" (VHP), led to the filing of the FIR against Naheed Siddiqui and Waziruddin. He has asserted that 'strict petition' was presented in the public authority school to change over the understudies.
The school uses this poem as part of its curriculum. It was written in 1902 by the well-known poet Allama Muhammad Iqbal, and it is typically recited during the morning assembly in Muslim-majority schools.

Iqbal additionally composed the sonnet 'Sare Jahan se great Hindustan Hamara'.

"Teachers Naheed Siddiqui and Waziruddin are deliberately teaching Muslim prayer to the students in the morning and threatening the children with the intention of hurting the sentiments of Hindus," the official of the organization alleged in the complaint that was submitted to the police. that this prayer be recited by them.

In addition, the complaint asserts that these two teachers are attempting to convert students to Islam. With this prayer, both teachers are preparing to convert students and hurting Hindu sentiments. Naheed Siddiqui, 62, claimed that she was not in school at the time of the alleged incident. He stated that I would be absent on the 13th to attend my daughter's wedding. "Lib Pe Aati Hai" was recited as a prayer by a teacher who came up behind me. He stated that another poem was read aloud in his presence.
Three years ago, in October 2019, local employees of the same organization filed a complaint against the headmaster of a government primary school in Pillibhit district for teaching "Lib Pe Aati Hai." This led to the headmaster's suspension as well.

They claimed that the instructor instructed the students to recite a "religious prayer" that is typically used in madrassas.

In a similar vein, a case was filed against a school administrator in Kanpur in August for allegedly instructing students in the Kalima Tayyaba during the morning assembly at the school. It was alleged that he made students recite the word.

Nonetheless, he asserted that separated from Islam, supplications of Hindu, Sikh and Christian beliefs are additionally shown toward the beginning of the day gathering.