•   Monday, 30 Jan, 2023
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Over 400 quack-run clinics and hospitals in Punjab sealed

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LAHORE In an ongoinganti-quack crusade, the Punjab Healthcare Commission has sealed around 415 conventions in 30 different metropolises on account of their lack of enrollment and licensure.
A total 1840 conventions were raided by the platoon of the commission, out of which a aggregate of 415 conventions have been shut down.

Of these 415 healthcare centers, 2 hospitals in Shakargarh, videlicet the Syeda Zakia Khanum Hospital and the Gynecology Hospital were sealed.

According to reports, a aggregate of 52 conventions in Lahore, 33 in Rawalpindi, 32 in Sheikhupura, 28 in Multan, and 20 in Faisalabad and Muzaffargarh were shut down because the good staff wasn't available for treatment at the sanitarium.

A prophet for the Punjab Healthcare Commission said that throughout the fiefdom, a aggregate of,000 treatment centers were raided, and the possessors of,924 were asked to close down operations