•   Monday, 30 Jan, 2023
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Sanjrani Sends Well Wishes On Eve Of Christmas.

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Senate Chairman Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani on Saturday greeted Christian community living across the globe at the auspicious and crucial occasion of Christmas.

ISLAMABAD,:Senate Chairman Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani on Saturday greeted Christian community dwelling across the globe on the auspicious and critical occasion of Christmas.

Christmas manifested love and mutual appreciate, he said in his message, even as stressing the want for promoting cohesion and inter-faith concord within the usa. Peaceful coexistence may be promoted by way of giving more appreciate to each different's ideals and thoughts, he said.

Each religion of the arena teaches peace and persistence, the Senate Chairman said and added that Pakistan believed in promoting inter-faith and inter-religious concord.

Reiterating the government's remedy to empower the minorities socially, economically and politically for the national improvement, he said minorities are taking part in entire freedom in united states and effective rules has been ensured inside the upper house to offer the essential rights to the minorities. The higher residence has taken commendable steps for inter-religion concord and protection of minority rights, he also stated.

Sanjrani harassed making joint efforts for welfare of mankind aiming to make the sector a cradle of peace. He stated, "The Christmas day may be very essential as a Messiah seemed who preached peace,tolerance and sharing love with each other".

The Senate Chairman said that as Muslims, Prophet Jesus is valuable to us because the Messenger of Allah and his message of peace, brotherhood, tolerance and admire for the whole humanity expensive to us.

As a divine messenger, Prophet Jesus' teachings are for adherents of all religions are similarly important to Muslims.

The Chairman expressed the desire that the Christian network will hold to play its function for the improvement and prosperity of Pakistan and the promotion of peace.

Senate Deputy Chairman Mirza Muhammad Afridi additionally extended his heartfelt greetings to the Christian network on Christmas Day and said that the minorities are playing whole spiritual freedom in Pakistan.

All of the inhabitants which includes minorities enjoyed full constitutional freedom to exercise their faith in Pakistan.