Dunki vs Salaar: Prabhas Makers’ Strategic Move to Outsmart Shah Rukh Khan

Dunki vs Salaar

Everyone is focused on the intense competition that is expected to occur at the box office. Yes, we are referring to the Dunki vs Salaar December showdown. An intriguing event occurred yesterday when it was revealed that SRK’s movie will be hitting theaters one day early in international markets. Even the Prabhas starrer’s creators now intend to take the same action. See more by continuing to read

At the box office, Shah Rukh Khan is presently experiencing a golden period as his movies smash all previous records. Experts in the trade predict a riot at the ticket booths since Jawan, who is the next in line for the first-ever partnership between him and Rajkumar Hirani, has easily crossed the 1000 crore mark in earnings.

According to the initial schedule, Dunki and Salaar will square off on December 22. However, an intriguing development occurred yesterday. It was revealed that the Shah Rukh Khan film will be released one day early on December 21st, along with an official poster. But solely for the international market is this new release schedule intended.

It’s interesting to note that there are rumors that this preparation will also happen in India. If this is accurate, Dunki will have an advantage over Salaar because it will have a single day of release, while Salaar may have trouble getting the required number of screens the next day if the content proves popular. Shah Rukh Khan and the other project participants have made a really wise decision with this.

Now, according to a report on Track Tollywood, even the creators of Salaar are considering following Dunki’s lead and releasing their movie one day ahead of schedule. It makes perfect sense, since nobody wants their film to suffer in a high-stakes box office battle by failing to gain the necessary number of screens, particularly when the project is heavily funded and counting on the Hindi belt to provide a sizable portion of its revenue.