India Mobile Congress Highlights Focus on Semiconductors and Deep Tech

India Mobile Congress

According to P Ramakrishna, chief executive officer of the forum, the three-day India Mobile Congress (IMC) would highlight the growing convergence of telecom with emerging fields like semiconductors and deep tech.

According to him, the seventh edition, which has more than 250 local and international exhibitors, is anticipated to draw over 100,000 visitors this year. More than 350 speakers and over 5,000 CXO-level delegates are expected to attend.

According to Ramakrishna, the main areas of focus will be deep tech, semiconductors, manufacturing, broadcasting, green energy, innovation centers, and public-sector businesses. The event, which starts on October 27, will also highlight developments in 5G networks, edge computing, Industry 4.0, the rise of the India stack of technologies, and the growing application of artificial intelligence (AI) in telecoms and other fields.

The Department of Telecommunications and the Cellular Operators Association of India jointly organize the IMC, which bills itself as the largest telecom, media, and technology gathering in Asia. With “Global Digital Innovation” as its topic, this year’s big event is anticipated to have a significant impact on India’s positioning as a technology developer, telecom producer, and exporter.

Given that representatives from the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) will be present, 6G will be a major topic of discussion during the event. India’s contributions to the 6G technological framework were recently acknowledged by the ITU, an organization connected to the United Nations, demonstrating the nation’s critical role in the advancement of next-generation high-speed technology. India approved the Bharat 6G Vision plan in March, with the goal of having the nation lead the way in the creation, advancement, and application of 6G technology by 2030.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had introduced 5G services to India during the occasion the previous year. According to Ramakrishna, 14 government agencies will present industry use cases for 5G that are currently being implemented this year, including the Ministry of Heavy Industries and Indian Railways.

He stated that 100 angel investors and up to 400 businesses were expected to attend the event. Additionally, sixteen states will display their state innovation clusters at the event.

Along with these partnerships, we are working with industry associations from a variety of verticals, such as manufacturing, the Indian Space Association, the Electronic Industries Association of India, and the India Electronics and Semiconductor Association.
According to him, the event will also feature more than 22 higher education institutions, including multiple National Institutes of Technology and Indian Institutes of Technology.