Police involvement in Lahore is revealed by an investigation into stolen motorcycle

Police officers are deployed at Lahore airport in Pakistan, Friday, July 13, 2018. Disgraced ex-Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will be whisked away by helicopter to the federal capital of Islamabad when he returns Friday to Pakistan's eastern city of Lahore from London to face a 10-year prison sentence on corruption charges. (AP Photo/K.M. Chaudary)

LAHORE (Asad Mirza’s Report) The Anti-Vehicle Lifting Squad (AVLS) city head DSP of the Lahore Police investigated the matter of a stolen motorcycle being sold in Bilalganj on the directive of CCPO Lahore Bilal Siddique Kamiana. More than 100 motorcycles and chassis were sold to junkyards in Bilalganj Tahir, Nauman, and Sohail by Sheikh Aamir Saleem, SHO Bhatigate Sajjad, Moderator Bhatigate Farooq, Head Constable Faqir Hussain, and other staff members. whereas two DSP employees. By accepting bribes from Naeem, a co-conspirator in this crime, Tayyab and other individuals also chose to remain silent.

According to Lahore Police personnel, the police and motorbike-buying addicts are to blame for the rise in motorcycle theft in Lahore. The CCPO Lahore has received the report from the officers of the DSP Anti-Vehicle Lifting Squad City, and will take appropriate action based on it. I stayed behind bars in this case, other top officers stood by him, and today Sheikh Amir Saleem DSP has been appointed to the desirable position of Anti-Vehicle Lifting Squad City for a second time.

According to rumors, Mahaladar Tahir, who purchased stolen motorcycles in Bilalganj, spoke with DSP Ardali Mubarak. Tayyab assassinated the DSP after receiving payment from a businessman in Bilalganj. When the head of the Crime Investigation Agency (CIA) brought the situation to his attention, he claimed that an investigation had been launched at the command of Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Bilal Siddique Kamiana. The person claimed that the CCPO had instructed Lahore police to keep records of benami properties in each of the city’s police stations.

Approximately 100 police-seized, abandoned motorcycles went missing from the AVLS office’s records during the procedure, he claimed. As the case was looked into further, the investigators came to the conclusion that Muharr’s and the security assigned to the AVLS head were playing double roles. When questioned about the missing motorcycles by the CIA police, the two employees admitted that they had given them to a vendor in Bilalganj market. It has been offered for a hefty cost.

The official continued, “He also disclosed that DSP Sheikh Amir Saleem was running the racket,” and that a CIA team searched the market, detained the dealer, and seized all of the motorcycles that the policeman had sold to him. bicycles were found.DIG During a raid at Bilalganj, the CIA Capt(R)’s team seized all employees and contraband and arrested DSP, who had been suspended but later reinstated. The DSP and other junior staff, however, were convicted after the investigation.