Prince Harry Visits the UK: Meghan Markle Faces Serious Challenges in the US

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, has seen a big change in her popularity in the United States amid her husband Prince Harry’s solo trip to Britain.

A recent poll reported by the Daily Mail indicates that Meghan Markle’s approval ratings have declined in her home nation. According to the poll conducted by Newsweek, only 31 percent of Americans express a favorable opinion of Meghan, while 33 percent do not, resulting in a net approval rating of minus-2 for the Duchess of Sussex.

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This represents a notable shift from earlier times when Meghan enjoyed a positive rating. Previously, she had received a substantial plus 23 approval rating in the United States.

In comparison, Meghan’s husband, Prince Harry, maintains slightly higher popularity among Americans. However, his current plus six percent approval rating is notably lower than the plus 38 percent he held in December of the previous year.

These poll results come to light during Prince Harry’s visit to Britain for a charity event and Germany for the Invictus Games. Meghan is scheduled to join Prince Harry in Germany, where they will be together once more.

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