Prince William Shares the Occasions: During Harry’s Visit to the UK, When He Teared Up

Prince William

Prince William, along with Kate Middleton and Princess Anne, made an unexpected guest appearance on Mike Tindall’s rugby podcast, where he shared a touching and personal moment from his life.

Prince William Opens Up About His Emotions During Surprise Podcast Appearance

The future king revealed that the only time he had ever shed tears while watching sports was during his cousin Zara Tindall’s victory in a major equestrian competition. Recounting the emotional moment, William explained that he was camping in Exmoor, in southwest England, at the time. They gathered around a phone to witness Zara’s triumph, and he described himself as being “in pieces” as he watched his cousin’s success.

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“I think it was the European championship,” William recalled. “She was there, she was teary-eyed, the flag was going up, and I was in pieces.”

This candid moment offers a glimpse into the more personal side of the royal family and their shared moments of joy and emotion.