Real Housewives Of Miami Exclusive Preview: Julia Calls Marysol the “Problem” of the Group

Real Housewives

It’s them again! Season 6 of The Real Housewives of Miami is soon to premiere on Bravo, and based on previews, the drama on South Beach is going to get hotter than ever!

In an early peek at the drama that will play out over the season, Julia Lemigova and Marysol Patton already seem to be having a hot exchange.

The cast is shown in the sneak peek video, uploaded to the Bravo YouTube channel, talking to Alexia Nepola about having a “fresh start” after all the drama, but it doesn’t last long.

First, though the remark didn’t seem to go over too well, Julia told Marysol that she was “actually surprised” to see her at the party.

Although Marysol, who appeared irritated, stated that Alexia had invited her, Julia urged, “You didn’t want to be here tonight.”

My best friend is the reason I feel like I’m here, too. “Julia, you’re saying weird s–t,” Marysol retorted to Julia, “But you are here to harm your best friend.” I’m attempting to damage Alexia.”

Then she invited Alexia to speak up and defend her, but Alexia chose to remain silent.

After accusing Marysol of having a “selfish attitude,” Julia went on to say that Alexia was in a “impossible situation” because she had earlier said that she wouldn’t be going to Alexia’s party if co-star Adriana de Moura was there.

“Trust me, no one controls Alexia, especially not me,” Things started to get really heated when Marysol snapped back.

“You said you’re not going to be here tonight if Adriana is here, and now you’re here,” said Julia. “You crawled back when you heard that we were all moving on.”

Marysol said, “I don’t need to crawl here,” but then she yelled, “This is my best friend’s house! I’m welcomed here in front of everyone.”

People started leaving the room to escape the tension at that point, but Julia persisted and told Marysol, “You are the problem in this group, whether you like it or not.”

Do you believe you’re prepared to see the entire drama play out? Watch Wednesday, November 1 at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo for the premiere of The Real Housewives of Miami, and the following day on Peacock for streaming.