Sheikh Zayed Hospital Crisis: Faces Medication Shortage

Sheikh Zayed

(General Reporter) Lahore Health Center Sheikh Zayed Lahore has turned into a beehive of issues; there is a critical medication shortage in the hospital; doctors and medical personnel have been working without pay for three months; and young doctors have lost tolerance when their houses are cold. In Sheikh Zayed Hospital today, Young Doctors Association leaders issued a 72-hour ultimatum to the government.

The government has not been paying salaries for three months, according to Dr. Hasan Raza Kathia, Dr. Shoaib Niazi, Dr. Haseeb Thand, Azam Saeed, and Dr. Asghar Ali Shah, among others. The allowance is also being decreased from above, they claimed. The majority of hospital management is employed under contract.

In the hospital, neither the lab is operating correctly nor is it entirely operational. The Sheikh Zayed Hospital’s personnel and dockers should get pay, and all employees should be regularized, in addition to resolving administrative issues. All departments, with the exception of emergency, will be boycotted if the issues are not rectified after three days.
Although inflation has climbed significantly since 2019, the federal government’s organized pay for doctors have not increased since 2019. All the officials present at this time vowed to support this request wholeheartedly and stated that if this righteous appeal is not granted, the scope will be expanded to include other hospitals.